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Notions & Supplies

Notions & Supplies

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Notions & supplies for sewing projects 

 Notions refer to the small object and accessories used in the sewing project. It includes small tools like thread, pins, elastic, seam rippers, etc. 

Broadway fabrics are an online store that has a high-quality and wide collection of  notions and sewing tools at discounted prices.  

Broadway fabrics is  an online store include a wide  collection of sewing supplies, sewing tools, fabrics, patterns, accessories all under one store. It is the perfect online store that covers all for your sewing project requirements.

Importance of Notions tool in sewing

Notions are the small tools and accessories used in a sewing project and to give a finished look.  Select the appropriate notion and sewing tools for the successful completion of your sewing task. The selection of the tool should match your fabric project requirement. While purchasing sewing tool pricing, quality, and sizes that suits your project needs is all that matters. Shop online the best collection of essential tools for simple/professional / beginners sewing kits, at discounted prices. They are the handiest sewing tools for levels of sewing projects for beginners to experts.

Classification of Sewing Notions / tools /instruments as per their roles

The tools are divided into a smaller grouping to be distinguished by the purpose of each instrument/tool it plays. Have a look at the activities for which these tools/instruments undertake. Check out the list of tools and their activities performed.

Basic Sewing Notions

Here is the list of essential tools for a professional/ beginner sewing kit. These tools are helpful for every sewing project.

Threads: This is a long and thin fiber strand made of different materials like cotton or wool. It holds together the materials and gives a shape to your fabric. We can’t imagine completing a sewing project without making use of threads.

Needles: This is an essential tool for every sewing project. Needles are made up of metal and have a hole at one side. It combines with threads that help to hold the fabric permanently.

Pins: Pins are also an essential tool that holds the fabric. There are different sizes of pins available. You can select the sizes and their material as per the requirement of the project.

Pincushions: This is a cushion keeps the pins safely so that it doesn’t harm. It is essential for working safely on the project.

Seam rippers are the tools used to remove stitches, open seams, cut threads, etc. This tool is handy for performing the sewing task professionally.


These tools are required to open or close for your sewing project. The closure tool gives a finished look to the sewing project. Relevant notions for this type of tool are:

Zipper: This is the most effective closure tool for fabric projects. Zippers are made of metal and are available in different colors.

Buttons:  There are many sizes, shapes, and different colors available for the buttons. It hooks in the smaller holes and into the fabrics for an elegant finish.

Tapes and trimmers

These notions  are made sure the edges are finished, clean, and look appealing. These are used for the decorative border and adding a textured look for the sewing project.

Elastic: Elastic is a stretchy fabric made of rubber or other material and is wrapped in a cotton fiber. Fiber is covered and braided and woven together to form an elastic fabric Elastic used for shirring, casing, and forgather knit fiber.  

Twill Cotton Tape:  Tape is made up of cotton fiber and is used to add a trim to a fabric. The tapes are available in different widths and lengths.

Fleece: is the one-sided fabric to add a layer of softness and stability. Fleece gives an appealing & dense look.

Measurement tools          

A Sewing project demands a tool that gives accurate measurement results. There are specific sewing tools that are essential to do the sewing project precisely.

Omni grid Ruler:  Rulers can accurately mark the measurements and cut the desired slots for the fabrics.

Hexagon, triangle, and round corner template: The templates of different shapes give an accurate measurement. There are options for the sizes.

Cutting Tools

Scissors: Sewing sessions are an essential tool it has two blades operated by finger force to cut the fabric or the thread. This is a handy tool for a sewing project.

Cutter: This is a sharp disk and attached by a handle and can rollover the fabric. Cutter usually cuts the straight lines.

Seam ripper: This notion is used for ripping stitches, ripping thread work on the fabric. This tool is held in a single hand and has a forked end. It is available in different sizes.

A sewing project requires creativity, skills, and proper usage of notion tools for creating a perfect project.

Top Manufactures

Broadway fabrics are an online store where manufactures can showcase their fabric-related products like notion tools, patterns, fabrics, and more. You can find notion tools by different manufactures like Riley Blake, original gypsy gripper, Junior tailor perfect HST ruler, Cluck Cluck Sew, Lo and behold stitchery, and more.                       

These notions are helpful to get perfection in your sewing project and to create a masterpiece.

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