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Shop Notions & Supplies at Discounted Prices

Broadway Fabric deals in high-quality notions and sewing tools. Order small sewing tools and accessories such as thread, pins, elastic, embroidery scissors, seam rippers, zippers, etc., all at affordable rates. Beyond that, we offer all other sewing supplies, including fabrics and patterns. That makes broadways Fabric an ultimate destination for sewing projects' needs.

Sewing notions are all extra supplies you need besides your fabric to complete a sewing project. Every sewist, DIYer, or quilter must have basic sewing notions if they want their projects to succeed. Ideally, they form the basis of any successful sewing project as they will be used severally.  You can purchase sewing notion is kits to save a few coins.

Why get Broadway Fabric notions?

  • For a better-finished look on your sewing projects
  • We match sewing tools to your fabric project requirements
  • Shop online based on your level of proficiency in sewing

 We classify tools based on the purpose for easier shopping:

  • Basic Sewing Notions – Threads, Needles, Pins, Pincushions, Seam rippers.
  • Closures – Zipper and Buttons
  • Tapes and trimmers – Elastic, Twill Cotton Tape, Fleece
  • Measurement tools - Omni grid Ruler, Hexagon, triangle, and round corner template
  • Cutting Tools -  Scissors, Cutter, Seam ripper

Basic Sewing Notions

Needles – Machine and Hand

You can shop needles depending on the purpose - our needles come in different thicknesses. You just need to choose the right needle. This can make the right difference when sewing tricky fabrics. For instance, they will prevent uneven and skipped stitches. Besides, they offer the correct tension. Needles you can buy include topstitching needles, universal needles, and stretch needles. 


An all-purpose polyester thread can be beneficial for all projects. However, if you want better results, select high-quality threads as this prevents thread snapping. Remember, some patterns require specialized threads, e.g., embroidery thread and upholstery thread.


By now, you know that there are different types of sewing pins. The pins vary in thickness and length. Besides, their tips may be rounded or sharp. Choose the correct pin for your sewing projects at Broadway Fabric.  This is particularly important, especially when dealing with delicate fabrics such as knit and silk – the wrong pins will cause snags and holes.


Look, you need a place to keep your needles and pins, and nothing does that job best like the pincushions. These small supplies are inexpensive at our online stores. Alternatively, you can create one from tiny scraps of fabric.  Also, you can shop magnetic pincushions at our store. These pincushions are very effective.

Seam Rippers

Many people overlook a seam ripper, but it is a must-have tool for most sewing projects. This tool is effective at removing wrong and crooked stitches.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are also essential sewing notions and, therefore, must be among your most used items. We stock a wide range of sewing cutting tools, which you can buy at affordable rates. Of course, some are cheaper than others. If your budget is tight, shop a pair of sewing scissors, a cheap pair of scissors for cutting paper alongside snippers for cutting threads.

Marking Tools

While the tailor's chalk (in different colors) is the most common marking tool, you can shop lots of other efficient marking tools at Broadway Fabrics. Browse our online shop to reveal the massive array of these tools.

Embroidery Tools

If you are engaging in embroidery work, you'll need to purchase additional sewing notions – for instance, an embroidery hoop, embroidery scissors, threads and markers. These tools will help embellish items quickly and cheaply

Closures and  Fasteners

This categories features:

  • Zippers: you can shop, metallic or invisible zippers. We stock a whole range of zippers in different colors, sizes and lengths.
  • Velcro, i.e., Hook and Eye: Velcro fasteners are the easiest way to fasten your clothes and shoes. They replace snaps, zippers and buttons, and they have a wide application. You can use them in wall hangers, bandages and almost anywhere fastening is needed. You'll find it on bags and kids clothing.
  • Buttons: we stock buttons of different sizes, colors and designs. A button can be used on shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, shorts, etc.

Different manufacturers showcase their quality fabric-related products at Broadway Fabric online shelves. Pick a product from Riley Blake, original gypsy gripper, Junior tailor perfect HST ruler, Cluck Cluck Sew, Lo and behold stitchery, and many others at discounted prices.