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Strawberry Fabric

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Fruit By Design - Decorate Your Home with Our Best Strawberry Fabric

There is no denying fruits bring color and energy to our lives. Whether it’s in the form of fruit salad, juices, custards, or even decorating our homes with fresh or dummy fruits on a table or sitting atop the mantle. Their vibrant colors and the fact that they are fruits brings a freshness of nature; the same is true for cloth prints that can be your inspiration for your home décor. It can be a strawberry print fabric for your table cloth or a mix of fruits and vegetables for throw cushions on your sofas. This section has the best fruity designs, especially the cotton strawberry fabric, and many more to include in your designs.

Fill Colors to Your Home Décor with Strawberry Designs: 

Following are some quick ideas that you can use to decorate your homes with strawberry designs, such as from the quilt strawberry fabric category. Most of these ideas are based on the premise of adding a tinge of natural flavoring to your home décor.

Fruit Inspired Wallpapers:

Such fruity wallpapers shouldn't be just for your kid's room; you can get similar but more sober designs for your kitchen and other places too. Take the pink, red strawberries design by Paintbrush Studio, a juicy and colorful strawberry fabric for the kid's room walls, while the strawberry field blush a bright fabric for the living room if you get plenty of sunlight through. These fruity designs can be great natural backdrops for your rooms with their vibrant colors.

Fruit Laced Linens:

If you choose strawberry print fabric for the linens in your girl's room, then a pinkish hue on the furniture and lamps while the backdrop color on the walls and lamps should all be white, giving them a timeless look. For this scheme option, we recommend the Lilac strawberry fabric by Heather Ross, a subtle pink with a white background, or a more pronounced Strawberry speckled metallic ruby-colored pattern by Star Society. These prints can give you many options to play around with the color schemes in your kid's room.

Soft Fruity Furnishing:

Fruity furnishing is another excellent option for your kids or an idea to furnish if arranging a BBQ while inviting friends and family. You can buy fruit-shaped cushions for BBQ chairs or choose the Green cream strawberry fields by Rifle Paper Co as a table cloth that goes well with the green of your outdoor. Fruit designs or set pieces are great for every household due to their bright colors and being different from other stuff used for show in your house.

Framed Prints as Wall-hangings:

If you are furnishing your room with different colors and a match to each other, you can choose a fabric that contrasts that outlook by hanging it in a frame to give a vibrant as well as a warm look. Our Cherry red summer strawberry is an excellent addition for this purpose which will bring vibrancy to the room while hanging on the wall of white or light grey paints. Cotton strawberry fabric is the perfect material to give that soft, warm look to your living room.

Best Selling Strawberry Fabric Prints:

Following are some of our best-selling prints that you can include when buying for your new home to give it a sophisticated fruity look.

  1. Pink Red Strawberries:

This design incorporates large red strawberries with a light pinkish background made of 100% cotton designed by Maja Faber, which we have already mentioned above as a recommendation for wallpaper. Not just that, you can also use it for other places if you desire. You can even make a bag out of this soft fabric if you want; it is that good and satisfying. The defining quality of this design has both bright and neutral colors, and it is a perfect option when paired with other fabrics.

  1. Strawberry Field Blush:

This fabric design by Rifle Paper Co. is really a soft and warm design of a strawberry field with a light pink background. This strawberry blush is a perfect fabric for your summer dress or a great outdoor dress for the winter if it's sunny outside. The colors are so warm like the sun that they will elevate your spirits whenever you wear them when going out. You can even use them for your curtains if you have neutral colors for your furniture.

  1. Strawberry Field Black:

We love this vibrant but dark print full of flowers surrounding strawberries, perfect for almost anything. Dresses, sofa fabric, quilt strawberry fabric, or even as a table cloth, such designs are so good that it should be criminal to create such tempting and beautiful designs. Simply unique design by Rifle Paper Co, made from 100% cotton and sold in ¼ yards increments.

  1. Strawberry Quilting Notions:

While not a fabric but a great addition if you are buying strawberry fabrics, this compact tin has a perfect color combination with strawberries that can be handy whenever you are stitching or repairing your quilts. This can also be a great gift who loves sewing and stitching as it can store needles, thimbles, bobbins, and many other small sewing tools.

Combination of Great Designers:

We choose the best designers for our catalog who create beautiful and eye-catching designs giving you great options to decorate your homes. Most of these are cotton strawberry fabric prints that will go great with most of your ideas in your home. Our quality of these fabrics is top-notch with significant discounts if bought in bulk. The diversity of colors and designs we provide not just for Strawberry fabric but all our categories from different designers and manufacturers, so you don't need to go anywhere else for your fabric shopping.

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