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Broadway Fabrics Zippers - Shop Functionality and Durability

Zippers are elementary but revolutionary. It is a mall structure that unites core parts of a fabric. But there are many zippers, and you can use them in different combinations. However, the strength of each fabric lies in the details of a zipper - it confers different practical functionalities. While Buying a zipper, consider:

  • Teeth elements
  • Slider
  • Tape 
  • Pull tab 

We stock different zipper types including Coil zipper (best for flexible fabric), Metal zipper (best for jeans),  Invisible zipper (best for blending in with designs), Reversible Coil Zipper (for water resistance) and toothed zipper (waterproof). It's true; each fabric works well with a specific zipper type. Think of the many colors, sizes, and different materials available – the range is just impressive. Still, you can use zippers on many different items - clothing, vehicle covers, handbags, book bags, and more.

Shop our Reversible Coil Zipper and Metal Teeth Zipper in different colors at affordable rates. If you are looking for Zippers, do not hesitate to stop by at Broadway Fabrics. Check out the different types of zippers on our online stores and select based color, size, and design (reversible coil zippers). If you need guidance on how to select the right one, we sure will offer it. 

Choose Broadway Fabric zippers for durability, versatility, and practicality!