Face Mask Fabric Panels

Face Mask Fabric Panels

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    Face Mask Panel Ruby Star Society mask Fabrics design

    Face Mask Panel Ruby Star Society mask fabric panel

    Moda Fabrics

    Ruby Star Society has created a beautiful face mask panel with 20 different designs! Each panel includes instructions on how make a face mask with 2 design options: a reversible curved mask or a rectangle pleated mask.   Manufacturer: Ruby Star...
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If you know how to make a face mask, it is one of the most valuable skills. Nowadays, a mask is made mandatory everywhere. It doesn't matter whether the Covid-19 cases are declining, but face covering is still essential. If you are traveling by air domestically or internationally, you'll need to wear a mask in the UK and the US. 

How can we help with face mask fabric panels? 

Are you looking to refresh your mask collection with stunning designs that match your look? Or maybe you want to give someone special a handmade mask you designed by yourself. Whatever your goals may be, Broadway Fabrics can help to keep you and your loved ones safe and stylish with fantastic face mask fabric panels. 

Mask Making Supplies

We've gathered together our supplies of face mask fabric panels. That will help you make your non-medical face masks. Broadway has a wide range of quality in many colors and styles, and even some of them have acrylic mask templates. We have both versions of the Ruby Star Society Fabric Mask Panel on order online. Don't worry about the stuff; it is 100% Quilting Cotton. You can check our options for mask fabric to get started for your mask sewing project. 

There are many free mask patterns available, but currently, we have Face Mask Panel and Modern Face Mask Panel, both from Ruby Star Society. 

Face Mask Panel Ruby Star Society mask fabric panel

This Face Mask Fabric panel is 100% premium cotton fabric manufactured by Ruby Star Society. It is available in 20 different designs! It is the same layout but has a new design that makes it easy to cut and sew a cute face mask quickly. You will get some decorative labels in the margins that can be appliqued or topstitched onto the mask for some extra spark. The fabric can be used to pleated rectangle masks for both kids and adults. You can check the sewing instructions for both curved and rectangular masks from the panel. Designed by Ruby Star Society, the mask fabric has a Face Mask Panel print. Each panel measures 36" X 44". You can buy them online at Broadway fabric. 

Modern Face Mask Panel 2 Ruby Star

Modern Face Mask Panel 2 Ruby Star is a new mask panel for 2021. It is also designed and manufactured by the Ruby Star Society. You can get 20 different designs of face mask fabric panels that can be easily cut and sewed. Each forum has instructions with design options: a reversible curved mask or a rectangle pleated mask.

This modern mask has 100% premium cotton fabric with Face Mask Panel 2 print. In simple words, it is the second version of Ruby Star Society. You can keep your mask game on by sewing a mask from this high-quality fabric. Curved masks can be made with matching sides, or you can mix and match the right and left sides to design the mask as you want. The product is available by a panel, and each panel measures 36" X 44".

How to take care of it? 

We always recommend hand washing with mild, bleach-free detergent and hang dry for best results. If you use a washing machine, you should use cold water with like colors on a gentle cycle using a mild, bleach-free detergent. Dry on a low-heat tumble setting to avoid shrinking of the fabrics.

Order them now from Broadway Fabric 

If you have come so far, going through the article, we get it. You are interested in sewing your masks. As of now, it is made easy for you with Broadway Fabrics. We have the best face mask fabric panels. You can use them to customize your masks. 

You can easily order these panels. All you have to do is visit our Broadway Fabric online store, and you will see the category option in the left corner of the website. Browse through the categories, and you will see an option for shop fabric panels. After that, you can go to the face mask fabric panels. You will see the products we have under the category. Add the quantity, and then you can add the product to the cart to buy it or add it to the wishlist to buy it later. 

Browse Our Fabrics To Buy Best Face Mask Fabric Panels

Your face masks don’t need to be dull. Pick a colorful and well-decorated face mask fabric panel from our online store – Broadway Fabrics. Masks are mandatory, and being able to create one, is a valuable skill. So, refresh your mask collection with stunning designs. Still, you can gift your loved one a handmade mask!

Broadway fabrics help you design and create non-medical face masks. Browse our comprehensive online shelves. We are not short of amazing colors, styles, patterns, and quality material. Order our acrylic mask templates and get a free mask pattern such as Face Mask Panel and Modern Face Mask Panel.

All face mask fabric panels are 100% cotton, and most of them are available in 20 different designs. You don't need special skills to cut them – it's pretty straightforward. Similarly, they are easy to sew.

Purchase your fabric panels at our online store at affordable rates today!