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Boardwalk Delight

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Sew Tasty With Boardwalk Delight Fabrics, Shop Online Now!

Hello fabric lovers! We are delighted to introduce yet another member from our Art Gallery Fabrics. Presenting you the Boardwalk Delight collection! PS: it’s hard to pick just one from the Art Gallery Boardwalk Delight collection.

Art Gallery Fabrics Featuring Boardwalk Delight 

Craving for art-inspired modern prints? Art gallery fabrics are here with another eye-satisfying fabric with a twist of summer.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word boardwalk? Is it summer, or those wooden decks along the riverside, or the beach? One common factor among all these thoughts is summer! And the bright, vibrant, and fresh colors of the Boardwalk Delight Art Gallery collection are inspired by summer and summer vibes.

Be it ice cream, bright colors, and fun prints, the Boardwalk Delight collection has got it all. The best part of this collection is that its modern prints, aesthetic elements, and eye-catching color palette make it versatile for both garment and decor making. Want to create cute summer outfits or evergreen home decor? Pick from the cutest Boardwalk Delight collection. Shop online now!

Dana Willard And Boardwalk Delight

They say that every great design begins with an even greater story. Dana Willard, the creative mind behind Boardwalk Delight fabric shares a similar emotion. Boardwalk Delight is her debut fabric collection and is inspired by the things she absolutely adored about summer.

If you are looking for fabrics that express fun, being carefree, and the beachy summer vibes, you can never go wrong with the Dana Willard Boardwalk Delight collection. Update your stash now! You know you want to.

Top Picks From Broadway Fabrics Boardwalk Delight Collection

The bright and festive colors of the Boardwalk Delight fabric collection and your sewing skills are sure to turn heads. We, at Broadway Fabrics, appreciate your love for fabrics and sewing. Our goal is to provide you with the best fabrics and sewing supplies, that too on a budget. Listed below are Broadway Fabrics' top picks from the eye-comforting Boardwalk Delight collection. Dive in!

Ice Cream Fabric Multicolored, Art Gallery I Scream You Scream cotton

Featuring delicious, frosty ice creams on a pastel mint background, this fabric is hard to resist. Sew outfits or decor with the best ice-cream prints. Made from 100% cotton, this fabric will truly satisfy your sweet tooth for stitching. Sewing never looked tastier!

Ice Cream Sprinkles fabric, Art Gallery Fabrics Sprinkles cotton fabric

This art gallery boardwalk delight sprinkles fabric is the cutest! Life is better with sprinkles and so is sewing! How about creating a boardwalk delight quilt cover from these?

Eat it All, black white script cotton, Boardwalk Delight ice cream

You truly will wish to eat it all, this is how tempting these fabrics are! Featuring cute cursive font on a bright white background, this fabric from the Boardwalk Delight collection will be perfect for all kinds of decor.

Bright colored stripe fabric- Art Gallery Ice Cream Shop cotton fabric

Have you ever been fascinated by those multicolor, geometric print catalogs? If yes, this fabric is just for you! Featuring a bunch of pastels, nudes, and bights in perfect rectangular boxes, this striped fabric is a must-have in your fabric stash.

Beach Fabric Blue, Art Gallery Fabrics Busy Beach Teal cotton fabric

Featuring white outlines of beach umbrellas, boardwalks, pretzels, ice cream cones, and candies, on a mint green background, this fabric truly is summer vibes. This fabric will make great beach mats and towels too. There’s nothing called too many prints! 

Ice cream KNIT fabric, Art Gallery I scream You scream District fabric

Summers and ice creams are inseparable! Yet another ice cream print! Featuring multi-colored scoops, and geometric cones on a subtle white background. This fabric is a true delight. Use it in making shirts, skirts, sheets, and curtains. P.S. be prepared for questions like “where did you get that one from?!”

Yellow straw stripe fabric - Art Gallery Boardwalk Delight cotton

Yellow defines summer. Your summer fabric stash is incomplete without yellows. Get this bright, 100% cotton fabric to enhance your summer collection.

Things You Can Sew And Sell Using Boardwalk Delight Fabric

Have trouble sewing or running out of ideas? Keep Calm, Broadway Fabrics has got you covered. Listed below are some sewing ideas that you can consider making with the Boardwalk Delight fabric collection.


The most obvious yet the best sewing creations are apparel. Using the Boardwalk Delight fabric collection you can create cute kid’s skirts and dresses. Adults too will look great in those pastels, summery t-shirts, and tops. We suggest our ice cream and striped fabric for garment making.

Baby Slippers

Kids will look absolutely adorable in those cute padded, fabric slippers. Not only are they less challenging to make but will also add a good accessory to your kid’s summer outfit.


Are you obsessed with summer scarves? The Boardwalk Delight collection is perfect for making those. Imagine how amazing would cute ice creams and sprinkles look on your beach scarf.


Today’s fashion is all about fusion. Who wants those old-fashioned black bows. It’s time to create cute, funky bow ties! Who could resist ice creams on their bows?!


Why hunt for cute, aesthetic scrunchies when you can make one with the Boardwalk Delight. The best part is that you can make as many scrunchies as you want with leftover fabric.

Travel Pouch

Travel pouches are always handy to store makeup and toiletries. Summer vacations call for summer prints. Make your travel pouches with cute shades and prints from our Boardwalk Delight collection.

Tea towels 

Thinking of new decor and accessories that are easy to make? What would be better than tea towels! Allure your dining table with cute little summer prints.

Oven Mitts

Oven mitts get dirty very easily. That’s ok because baking is all about being messy. Having more than one mitt helps maintain the cleanliness of kitchen fabrics. Make cute ice-cream print oven mittens with Boardwalk Delights fabric.

Wondering where to buy other Art Gallery fabrics? Broadway Fabrics is your one-stop online destination to shop for all kinds of fabric. We ship all over the US at flat $4. Order now!

Happy Sewing

Art gallery fabric collections never fail to blow our minds. The Boardwalk Delight is no exception. As we already claimed – “sew tasty” with the adorable fabric collection of Boardwalk Delight. Not only will you have fun creating projects from these fabrics but will also turn heads due to their visual appeal. So, what are you planning to sew?