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Take advantage of Shop Gender Neutral

Many brands are behind the times when it comes to designing digital experiences and goods that appeal to gender non-conforming, non-binary, and trans consumers, even though gender-fluid or gender-neutral fashion collections have been around for a while. Gender equity hasn't always been associated with shopping.

Gender roles are being dismantled in traditional ways

The way society views gender has shifted dramatically, and younger generations are leading the way. Seventy-eight percent of customers agree that a person's gender no longer determines them as it once did. Furthermore, a growing number of people are comfortable identifying as gender nonconforming.

Gender-specific footwear, clothing, and fragrances, for example, are more gendered than others. While brands may assume that consumers feel more at ease shopping for gender-specific products, customer behaviour may suggest otherwise. Customers are defying gender norms and buying whatever they want. In fact, 56% of consumers claim to have done so already.

How do businesses prepare for a world that isn't binary?

Personalization and ingenuity are needed to have an exceptional customer experience. However, if you stick to traditional gender lines, customers who don't identify as male or female will be automatically excluded from your personalization efforts. Shop Gender Neutral has good news because you can make your plan more inclusive and create a more cohesive team by updating it.

Buyer Personas' Negative Impact on Inclusive Design

You must first have a clear understanding of who is, maybe, or wants to be your client, as well as what certain individuals' interests are, as in any business decision. Shop Gender Neutral should aim to create products that cater to a wide range of customers, and they should do everything possible to ensure that no one is left out.

How to Build a Gender-Neutral Digital Shopping Experience

Broadway fabrics are traditionally divided by gender, and genders are also allocated to separate floors in some cases. This division has also been passed on to us in our online shops. Sex influences site navigation, product sizing, photographs, and descriptions.

1. Improve Gender-Neutral SEO

Broadway fabrics has launched its "free to be" brand campaign, empowering customers to express themselves through fashion regardless of height, age, gender, or background. Shop Gender neutral is now available for purchase!!

2. Adopt Gender-Neutral Website Navigation

When you visit the website of an eCommerce store, you're almost instantly confronted with the issue of gender. Most navigation bars are divided into parts for women, men, and children since almost no companies offer a gender-neutral alternative.

Non-gendered categories are usually only found on small gender-fluid clothing pages. Eytys, a Swedish gender-neutral apparel company, uses category-first navigation and does not divide its items into gender categories. Instead, they dive right into categories like "New Arrivals," "Footwear," "Clothing," and others.

3. Embrace Gender Neutral Imagery and Content

Good product photography can convey style, quality, fit, and a sense of belonging. Customers want to see themselves using and wearing the products and services, but models that look don’t like them can turn them off. To help non-binary shoppers engage with their products, some companies have created androgynous models, while others have created both a male and a woman model.

4. Add More Inclusive Fit Descriptions

When it comes to gender-neutral clothing, communicating size and fit can be difficult. This demonstrates how gender is profoundly entwined in our retail strategy. Aside from the standard sizes of small, medium, and big, our garments are sized differently for men and women.
The product image appears to be inclusive at first glance, with both a male and female model wearing the t-shirt, but closer scrutiny reveals that the product description is confusing. Only the male model's measurements are shared under "Size & Fit." “The treatment of such two-in-one images should be consistent.

When selling gender-neutral apparel, companies must either list the model's dimensions and size or include measurements for both men and women in the product description. Alternatively, brands must create gender-neutral cuts and suits.

When it comes to developing a more inclusive business model, offering more gender-fluid-friendly features will help you create an amazing experience for all of your customers. Brands must strike a balance between pleasing customers who want to shop with a binary mindset and those that don't to create an on-site experience that is meaningful regardless of a customer's gender identity.

Companies that are developing inclusive design and business plans are mostly split into two categories: reactive and constructive. To evolve and remain important, brands must concentrate on younger generations and their shifting shopping habits and behaviors.
More gender-neutral SEO techniques, landing page copy, and product descriptions can help more consumers identify your products, regardless of their gender identity. Shop gender-neutral by broadway fabrics. Call us now!!