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Paws, Tails & Tusks! Animal Fabrics For Adorable Sewing Projects

Hello fabric lovers! Doing theme fabric shopping and got forest friends in mind? Keep Calm. Google has directed you to the right page!

Animal theme fabrics may not be the easiest to find. However, you will often see leopard and zebra print if you search for animal print fabrics.

We at Broadway Fabrics understand your need for non-conventional, modern prints. That's what motivates us to stock up a wide variety of patterns, fabrics, and shades—presenting the adorable and aesthetic collection of animal fabrics! Hop in.

Top Picks From Broadway Fabrics Animal Fabric Collection

We love that you love having options. You would get tired scrolling at Broadway, but there will be no shortage of options. Our Animal fabric collection is no exception. Featuring not 10, not 50, not 100, but 200 + designs to choose from, this could be a perfect update to your fabric stash!

Want to skip to the best part? We have got that sorted for you! While the entire collection is lit, here are a few top picks to adorn your stash and enhance your sewing projects. Let's get started.

Llama cotton fabric, Born to Roam Art Gallery Pacha cotton fabric, QTR YD

Minimal, subtle, and featuring lamas, here's a modern, aesthetic animal fabric to adorn your fabric stash.

Swaying Sloths Sky, Art Gallery Fabrics Selva sloth fabric Selva, QTR YD

Lazy sloths, indigo prints, and cool tones make a perfect apparel fabric. Gift it to a lazy beloved or friend.

Woodland Frolic Floral fabric, Dear Stella Country Mouse cotton fabric, QTR YD

Vibrant flower motifs and cute forest friends – that's an ideal fabric for creating forest-inspired garments and decor.

Art Gallery Fabrics, Sweet as Honey, Bee Sweet Morning cotton fabric, QTR YD

Art Gallery never fails to make people fall in love with their pastel shades, neat prints, and interpretative meanings. Here's a gorgeous fabric redefining bees and the honeycomb.

Deer Silhouette, Art Gallery Fabrics Hello, Bear, Buck Forest Night, QTR YD

Remember those classic Hollywood movies showcasing animal heads on the walls? Art Gallery fabrics drew inspiration from those and created an eye-catching animal theme fabric.

Navy Lobster crawfish shrimp fabric, Dear Stella Clawsome cotton, QTR YD

How about a combination of somber and bright elements in the same cloth? This fabric screams aesthetics, featuring bright red lobsters on a dusty blue background.

Green alligator kids cotton fabric, Painbrush Studio Animal Kingdom, QTR YD

Here's another cute animal fabric for kids. This fabric will make perfect kid's room decor, featuring attractive, toony, green alligators on a grey background.

Whale floral fabric, Underwater Enchant Solar, QTR YD

Ocean, whales, and flowers! An unusual yet visually appealing print. Add this cool tone fabric to your stash.

Cream Shark fabric, Riley Blake Pirate Tales Sharks cotton, QTR YD

Bring the "jawsome" sharks into your sewing projects! Nothing to get worried about. We are talking about shark prints on a piece of fabric! If you love little sharks on apparel and want to feature them in your sewing projects, we just got this perfect fabric for you.

Unicorn Pink Mint Fabric, Michael Miller Magic Unicorn Forest cotton, QTR YD

Have you got daughters who are in their unicorn-loving stage? Well, what could be perfect than this fabric featuring magical white unicorns on a baby pink background?

Chickens teal fabric, Dear Stella quilt cotton Poppy Prairie, QTR YD

Let's get you a cool-tone fabric with animal prints. Featuring white chickens on an excellent, dusty blue background, this fabric screams aesthetics.

Pink Cheetah Tiger fabric, Art Gallery Fierce Felines Fucsia Selva, QTR YD

Want modern animal prints? This one is a bomb! The fabric features aesthetic cheetahs on a bright pink background. If you want your animal fabrics to make a statement, this is the fabric.

Green pink pig kids cotton fabric, Paintbrush Studio Animal Kingdom, QTR YD

Ever adored cute little piglets following their mommy? Paintbrush studio illustrated those into a premium cotton fabric! Grab yours now.

Cool Cats cotton fabric - Dear Stella Vanity Fur quilt cotton QTR YD

They say that time spent with cats is never wasted. Broadway Fabrics says that time spent creating sewing projects with cute cats printed on fabric is the best thing ever!

Gold wild animals fabric, Cloud 9 Wild Things organic cotton, QTR YD

Have a sewing safari with this gold wild animals fabric featuring wild animals. Quick suggestion - This fabric will make great mats and quilts.

Paw print cotton fabric - Curious Paws AGF Little Forester QTR YD

Aren't puppy paws the most adorable things ever? Here's a cutie from our animal fabric collection featuring little paws. Cotton, cute, curious paws!

Pirate Tales Treasure fabric, Riley Blake Scatter Cream cotton, QTR YD

Creating DIY crafts with kids? Let's get you a material that they will love! Pirate Tales – the name alone is enough to suggest their nostalgia.

Jungle Forest fabric, Cloud 6 Fabrics Bountiful Forest organic cotton, QTR YD

Here's an organic cotton fabric featuring tribal forest and animal prints. If you want a whimsical approach to your sewing projects, this will be the perfect fabric for you.

Colorful cute dog fabric - Woof this Way cotton AGF Oh Woof! QTR YD

Kid's drawing inspired prints, cute dogs, and multicolors! What could be more fascinating? Create kid's garments and decor with this pretty animal fabric.

Snow Skiing animals cotton - Snow Much Fun Dashwood Studio QTR YD

Ever seen fox, deer, and bears snow skiing? How about we get you a premium cotton fabric showcasing that? Cuteness overloaded!

Baby Deer Fox Squirrel cotton fabric Little Fawn and Friends Dear Stella QTR YD

Craving for a fabric that features realistic-looking animals? We got one for you! Cute fawns, foxes, squirrels, and rabbits, you'll find all these in this Dear Stella fabric. Two words for this baby animal fabric – "cute aesthetics." You know you want to get it!

Dog fabric Good Pup quilt cotton Oh, Woof! Art Gallery Fabrics QTR YD

Want good pups? Broadway Fabrics can get you a textile version of one! Featuring cute Dalmatians on an off-white background, get this adorable fabric for your sewing projects. FYI this collection has got a cute name, too – Oh, Woof!

Ladybug fabric, Good Luck Trails AGF Catch & Release cotton fabric, QTR YD

Ladybugs are the perfect creatures to signify how tiny things can be the most incredible miracles. Draw the magical energy and beauty of ladybugs to your sewing projects with these good luck trails by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Hand drawn Outdoor Fort Imagination Kids Fabric - AGF Lilliput QTR YD

The name says it all! This fabric features the wood, treehouse, and fun forest elements that kids love. If you are looking for a subtle print fabric for creating kid's apparel and decor, you cannot go wrong with this item of our animal fabric collection.

Pink Lush Lions Love, Art Gallery Fabrics Selva cotton fabric, QTR YD

Don't most of us love those toon lions with cute little stick and dot features? Well, if you are one of them, here's the pink lush lions love fabric for you. Pink and lions sound contradictory together, but isn't that what modern prints are all about?

Cream Hedgehogs woodland animal quilting cotton fabric Dear Stella QTR YD

Is your Instagram feed full of cute hedgehogs? Clearly, you love them! Here's the cutest hedgehog print fabric for you. Sew cute!

Frog Pond Lillypad cotton fabric Bog Party Lilliput Art Gallery Fabrics QTR YD

Art Gallery Fabrics = Aesthetic Fabrics. If you plan to create pond-inspired sewing projects, this could be the perfect match for your fabric requirements. The fabric features aesthetic frogs and pond elements in a pastel green shade.

Beehive Honey metallic - RJR Fabrics Summer in the Cotswolds cotton QTR YD

"Bee you," create customized apparel and decor with the beehive honey metallic fabric by RJR fabrics.

Pink Dinosaur fabric, Water Dinos Paintbrush Studio cotton fabric, QTR YD

Got kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs? Create apparel and decor for them with this fun dino theme fabric.

Navy woodland animals fabric, The Big Chill Dear Stella cotton fabric, QTR YD

Wonder how a nocturnal animal theme fabric would look? This is how! This woodland animal fabric is truly enchanting, featuring the night-time forest and forest friends. Add it to your stash now.

Pink Purple Horse fabric - Dreamland Northcott Fabrics quilting cotton QTR YD

Made from 100% premium cotton, featuring brown horses on an aqua background, this fabric is truly a dreamland. For your love of horses, you can't get a better fabric featuring that. Place your order now.

Our collection of Animal Fabrics has got much more. Shop for those and other theme fabrics exclusively at Broadway Fabrics. Good news – we do an all US shipping at a flat $ 4. So place your online order now.

Happy sewing!