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Northcott Fabric – For a Silk-Like Feel

If you are looking for cotton that has a silk-like feel, look no further than our vast array of Northcott Fabrics at our stores. Northcott Fabrics offers one of the most delicate cotton prints for your quilting and craft projects. The cotton feels like cotton – that means that they are pretty soft. Shop online charming basics, the popular Stonehenge collection, and lovely traditional prints.

Browse Broadway Fabrics and shop fabric by the yard or precut fabrics. The fabrics are of superior quality and inspire everyone to sew and craft!

Northcott Fabric – A Little Insight

Northcott Fabric is a fabric company known for its exemplary customer service and superior quality. Precisely, the company has built its name in the quilting industry. Here, you will get a fantastic community of partners, distributors, and customers.

To offer innovative, practical, and beautiful fabrics, Northcott Fabrics partners with crème de la crème designers to design and produce fabrics that appeal to all categories of sewers and quilters and can also be put to different uses. The main point is to offer fabrics that inspire everyone to sew and craft.  Simply put, every fabric from Northcott Fabrics will motivate you to do unique things.

Northcott Fabric – A Rich Experience In Fabric Design

Founded in 1935, Northcott Fabric has rich experience in dealing with cotton fabrics. Initially, the company was a fashion textile converter but shifted its operations to entirely focus on cotton print markets of quilting in the '80s. Since then, Northcott Fabric has never ceased to amaze its customers by producing breathtaking fabric prints. The recent developments include launching other fabrics companies.

Northcott Fabric products at Broadway Fabrics

The products fall into five major categories:

Dreamland Fabrics Collection

These are intricately designed fabrics. Ideally, these fabric panels showcase all the details and are boldly colored. Find a wide variety of detailed prints and bold colors at Broadway fabric, including cupcakes, detailed homesteads, ice-creams, sprinkles, etc.

Our top sellers are:

  • Dreamland Cupcakes fabric: this is a pure premium cotton fabric panel ideal for quilting. At 44-45" wide, you can put these fabrics to any use.
  • Pink Purple Horse fabric: show your love for horses with this brilliant fabric. Designed from 100% premium cotton, you can use it for quilting, home décor, and another sewing project.

Dublin Fabric Collection

The Northcott Dublin fabric collection covers Dublin precuts, flannel, and fabric panels. These fabrics depict fine burlap or crosshatched pattern/ texture, and they come in various colors ready for your next sewing project.

Shop these fabric designs in peony, hot pink, curry, caramel orange, lavender, muted blue, and peach. Also, if you need quilting supplies Dublin fabric line, comes with amazing quilting supplies.

Out top offerings include:

  • Hot pink cotton fabric -  a compelling mix and match fabric for your next project.
  • Caramel orange cotton fabric -  a bright fabric that will attract all the attention you need. Use it to design apparel, home décor accents, and gift items, among others.

Rollicking Robots Fabric Collection

Patrick Lose designs this fabric collection, and you can find it in various colors and patterns. The striking feature of these fabrics is the cleverly printed robots on their surface. Typically, there is almost any design you could think of from this manufacturer. At Broadway Fabrics, we stock a range of these fabrics, which you can put to different uses.

Santa Paws Fabric Collection

We stock an amazing range of these intelligently designed fabric selections. These are versatile pieces that you can use, such as making custom or unique designs, home décor accents, etc. Typically, Santa paws is a delightfully illustrated dog and cat-themed collection. Shop online at broadways fabrics top performing fabrics, including:

Christmas Word Fabric:  this white Santa Paws collection fabric is well decorated with letters against in different striking colors. Its look and texture make it ideal for projects that need attention-grabbing design.

Toscana Fabric Collection

This is the epitome of uniqueness – it looks like suede but feels like silk. The fabric captures the ultra-fine tones alongside the elegant textures. We provide a full range of colors ranging from rich deep shades to intricate pales suitable for contrast in quilting. Shop online lavender, navy, aqua blue, light teal, ivory, etc., at competitive prices. All the fabrics are 100% cotton.

2017 - Banyan Batik

Launched in 2017, Banyan Batiks is a highly functional division of Northcott. This division aims to unveil innovative and creative designs in a massive color assortment. It differs from other batik companies due to its cohesive collection that performs well in a wide range of projects.

2018 - FIGO Fabrics

FIGO means cool! So at FIGO, attitude matters a lot. Typically, this Northcott division is vibrant and energetic – all fabrics depict "thinking outside the box." That is to say, Figo fabrics Northcott offers  fabrics that represent the current aesthetic or embrace modern and trendy

The designs are not only edgy but diverse and pretty. Every quilter, crafter, or sewist will fall in love with these pieces. What's more, you'll get an amazing range of products to satisfy every need in the fabric industry because FIGO uses designers from various sectors. A distinct design flair offering enough variety will undoubtedly, tickle the sensibility of creators.

2020 - Northcott Fabric - Patrick Lose Partnership

Patrick Lose Fabrics is the newest Northcott Fabric division, well known for its novelty designs and color palettes, which have made an impression in the quilting world. Patrick is known for his unique, playful designs that attract quilters, crafters, and sewists of all ages.

Here, you'll get a mix of contemporary applique and traditional piecing, resulting in an admirable variety. Also, Patrick is a celebrated author of crafting and quilting publications, the major being his magazine -Celebrations in Quilting. Find his stunning quilts, home décor, and apparel in top magazines like American Patchwork, Quilting, and Better Homes & Gardens.

At Broadway fabrics, we have an assortment of Northcott fabrics from all three divisions. We source the most alluring, durable, and versatile fabric pieces and present them to you in a pristine state. Browse the massive Northcott fabric category on our websites. We have arranged the products by category to make it easier for you to get what you want.

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