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Every dressmaker Must Have These Plaid Fabrics

Mad for Plaid fabric? At Broadway Fabrics, all your fabric obsessions will be taken care of!

Always wear plaid, and sew endless projects from the extensive Plaid Fabric collection of Broadway Fabrics. From checks to tartans, all major plaid designs are here!

Still unsure? Keep calm, here’s all you need to know about Broadway’s Plaid Fabric collection. Let’s take you through plaids and pumpkin tours! Hop In.

From summers To Fall To Winters - Plaids Are Everywhere

“Plaid fabrics are for the cool weather.” Let’s prove this statement wrong! 

Statements claiming plaids, checks, and tartans as the fall, and winter fabrics are a mere misconception. It’s more like a common practice to use plaid apparel and decor during the winter. But that does not restrict its usage in other seasons. Regardless, who wants to follow rules? Sewing is all about having the freedom to create anything you want.

Let’s get it straight, Your Fabric, Your Rules! There can be no absolutes in sewing and dressmaking.

Sure, you may not want warm plaid flannels for summers, but that’s not the only available plaid fabric. Most other plaid patterns are made from 100% cotton, making them ideal for warm weather too.

From J Lo’s casual plaid shirt to Kendall Jenner’s baggy plaid top, to Princess Diana’s elegant plaid dress, plaid fabrics are everywhere! 

Inspired by celebrity plaid outfits, and want to create one by yourself? Broadway Fabrics has got you covered. The whole point of this write-up is to take you through our vast collection of plaid fabrics. Listed below are some of our most loved styles and patterns in the plaid fabrics section.

Top Picks From Broadway Fabrics Collection Of Plaid Fabric

Top picks for the top seamstresses! We, at Broadway Fabrics, are dedicated to providing you with the best fabrics. Our plaid fabric collection is relatively a vast one, and there may be times when you just don’t feel like going through a bulk of options. Totally all right, sewing can be hectic.

Consider going through, and getting these top picks from our plaid fabric collection. Let's “Plaid” it cool!

  • Red White Buffalo Plaid cotton fabric, AGF Plaid of My Dreams Joyful, QTR YD 

The good, old buffalo plaid fabric is here! Didn’t we all love those Plaid red and white table cloth? They would lie around our houses and even in old-fashioned restaurants. Their charm still remains alive. Featuring a 100% cotton fabric with these evergreen red and white plaids, this fabric will make perfect kitchen decor.

  • Black White buffalo plaid cotton fabric - Plaid of My Dreams Snow QTR YD

Looking for a black and white plaid that is high in quality and durability? You can never go wrong with this Black White buffalo plaid cotton fabric. Ooh, these could be perfect for comfy summer shirts.

  • Pink Green Christmas plaid cotton fabric - QTR YD

Planning on making Christmas sewing projects? We have a got a great option for you. Tada! Make adorable Christmas-inspired apparel and decor with this pink green Christmas plaid cotton fabric.

P.S. – This due gets out of stock quickly. Get yours now!

  • Red Green Christmas plaid cotton fabric - Paintbrush Studio Holiday - 1/4 Yd

It’s not Christmas unless it’s red! Featuring a traditional plaid pattern on a bright red fabric, this Christmas plaid fabric will make perfect decors and other sewing projects.

  • Brown black plaid fabric, Wooly Umber Lambkin cotton fabric AGF, QTR YD

Want new kitchen decor? No need to buy it! Create your tea mats, oven mittens, and utility towels with this brown-black plaid fabric.

  • Black gingham plaid fabric, State Fair Windham Fabrics cotton, QTR YD

Want to make classic hand-made dolls? Let’s get you our black gingham plaid fabric. Be it DIY crafts, stuffed toys, or utility fabric bins, this fabric will make all of them look bomb!

  • Red White Blue plaid cotton fabric - Untangled Scarves cotton AGF QTR YD

Looking for a cool, Art Gallery plaid fabric? Your quest ends right here. Presenting the subtle, aesthetic Red-white-blue plaid fabric. You will absolutely love your sewing projects made from this fabric.

  • Red black buffalo plaid, Christmas flannel fabric, lumberjack fabric, QTR YD

Fashions fade, flannel is forever! This is the most popular plaid fabric design ever. Remember those cute red and black plaid miniskirts? If you are planning on making a warmer alternative to these, our red-black Christmas flannel fabric will be perfect.

  • Nutmeg plaid FLANNEL fabric - Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, QTR YD

Love Warm tones on your flannel plaid fabric? Grab this beauty! It’s one of the bestsellers at Broadway Fabrics. Quilts, decor, or apparel, your magic and this fabric pared together will create a statement.

  • Pastel plaid FLANNEL fabric- Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel, QTR YD

With the world going crazy over pastel shades, here’s our cute, pastel variant of the plaid flannel fabric. You know you want to get it!

  • Green-blue plaid flannel fabric, Fall Christmas cotton flannel fabric, QTY YD

Here’s a perfect flannel plaid fabric for warm shirts and PJs. Available at just $2.49! Grab yours now! One more thing, this is one of Broadway’s best-selling fabrics.

So, these were our top, handpicked fabrics from our plaid fabric collection. Our range of plaid fabrics starts at just $2.49. Also, we do an all US shipping at $4 flat. Now, isn’t that a freaky deal? Grab as many you want. Place your online order now!

5 Evergreen Sewing Project Ideas Using Plaid Fabric

Now that you know what to expect and find from our vast collection of plaid fabrics, it’s time for some sewing ideas. If you are a regular here, you know that Broadway Fabrics loves to recommend. 

Besides, if you have planned on updating your plaid fabric stash but are unsure what to make using them, this may help you. Listed below are the five evergreen sewing ideas using plaid fabrics:

  • Button-Up Shirts: These are the most popular things to make from plaid fabrics. No matter what, the plaid button-up, baggy shirts can never go out of fashion.
  • PJs: Again, a comfy wardrobe staple. No matter how much we may love to dress up, we always dress down at our homes with those comfy, cozy pajamas. Make it with flannel or 100% cotton according to the weather you want them for.
  • Napkins: These are literally every kitchen’s staple. No matter how many you have, they will always get utilized. Got scrap plaid fabric? Convert them into multi-utility napkins.
  • Bucket Hats: Is your style inspired by cute Asian fashion? If yes, your wardrobe is sure to have a bucket hat. Create an all-new plaid bucket hat. These go well with camping and picnic outfits too! 
  • Coats: Yet another popular style made of plaid fabric. If you want to stick to making warm clothes with plaid, and plaid flannel, coats can be a great option. These never go out of trend!

Hope you liked your virtual tour through our plaid fabric collection. To buy other cute, popular fabrics, place an online order at Broadway Fabrics, your one-stop shop for fabrics & sewing supplies. Happy sewing!