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Winter Fabric

Winter Fabric

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Right Winter Fabric to Keep You Warm & Cozy Quilts Sewing

There are plenty of ways to choose for perfect winter bedsheets. You can select it as per your sleep profile and climatic conditions. However, while you shop for winter bedding, understanding the best quilt to buy is one of the most important decisions. The types of quilt, its size, the material, design, and winter fabric, etc all are crucial factors. You need to keep all these factors in mind before you make any decision. Don’t worry; we will help you get answers to all your quilt buying problems. 

Here is the complete guide from Broadway Fabrics that will help you make the right winter fabric, size & thickness for quilts. It will keep you warm and cozy throughout the winters.

Quilt Size

Deciding on the quilt is the first thing to decide when buying a quilt. Our pro-tip on choosing the perfect quilt size is to choose as per the size of the bed. For instance, if you have a single bed, do not go for a single quilt but a medium-size one and go for a double bed quilt or if you share your quilt with your partner then go for a king size. It will keep you wrapped and warmer.

Quilt Thickness

Again to get the correct thickness and height of the quilt, you need to analyze the weather and your comfort level. If you are a hot sleeper and sweat during winters then, get a lightweight quilt. But if you are a cold sleeper, then you need a heavy winter quilt to keep you warm. Besides this, in extreme weather conditions, you can get layered quilts, i.e going for a heavy winter quilt on top over a light one, giving you a chance to remove one if you feel high temperature or in case of temperature fluctuation during the night.

Quilt Designs & Styling

When you choose a winter quilt, the aesthetics of your bedroom and your style & preferences play a critical role. Buying a quilt that complements your bedroom color and vibe can just elevate the overall look of your space.

Quilt Fabric

The choice of winter fabric largely depends on whether you are a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper, and the temperature in your area. While you go for a heavy winter fabric like woolen and feather, if you are a cold sleeper or in case of low temperature, cotton quilts are preferable in case you are a hot sleeper and moderate temperatures.  

Cotton quilts are the best fabric for winter as they are highly durable, great at regulating body temperatures. 

Winter cotton fabrics are made of natural fibers and are lightweight. They are suitable for people with skin sensitivity and allergies from microfibers.

Stay Warm and Stylish During Winter with Broadway Fabric 

Winter gives an excuse to layer up with warm fabrics. Cozy sweaters, toasty scarves, gloves, etc., can improve your comfort during winters. If you are a quilter or Sewist, you can initiate several sewing projects to keep your loved ones warm - for instance, that warm scarf or gloves. At Broadway Fabric, we help stay warm and comfortable by offering quality winter fabrics.  

Broadway Fabrics is one online winter quilt fabric store where you can get a wide range of options for fabrics. Browse our website online to choose a fabric print, color, or type that suits your quilting fabric requirements.

Winter quilt fabric you can go for

Winter quilt fabric, winterberry fabric, and Moda winterberry fabric are just a few fabrics from our collection at Broadway Fabric. Browse through our winter fabric section to unveil the warmest fabrics for your winter projects. You can shop by manufacturer, color, or pattern. All fabrics are top-notch!

We know you want your Christmas holidays to remain memorable. Our pure winter cotton fabric by the yard is thick to hold up to the elements of winter. Fabrics are versatile – you can use them to design dresses, mittens, scarves, hats, and sewn DIY winter decorations.

  • Red White Buffalo Plaid cotton fabric
  • Christmas fabric
  • Christmas Holiday floral fabric
  • Colorful Merry Christmas fabric
  • Christmas flannel fabric
  • Navy Fa La letters cotton fabric
  • Colorful kids animal alphabet fabric
  • Fall floral blooms fabric
  • White Christmas Lights fabric

Browse our online shelves at Broadway Fabrics to handpick a fabric print, color, or design that matches your needs. You would be like the fabric available with us. Hurry!!! Place your order now!