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Broadway Fabrics invites you to check our extensive collection of fabrics. We are a leading provider of high-quality fabrics, which can be put to different uses.  

Our Fabric Types

We offer 10+ different types of fabrics. So, you’ll find natural, synthetic and blended fabrics in our collection. However, 90+ percent of our fabrics are cotton – natural cotton.

Quilting cotton, also known as quilter's cotton, makes the bulk of our fabric stock. However, we also stock other cotton fabric types, including Cotton Lawn, Cotton Sateen and Organic Cotton.  these fabric come in a variety of prints and patterns. Still, you can shop cotton solids. 

Other fabric types include Dimple Dot Minky, Flannel, Linen, Luxe Cuddle Minky, Quilt Batting, Rayon, Organic Knit, Knit fabric, and Canvas.

Here is the breakdown:

Cotton - our primary fabric, and we source only quality cotton from top manufacturers such as Art Gallery. Our cotton fabrics come in different patterns, prints, and designs. For example, you can shop unicorn cotton fabric, plaid cotton fabric, jungle print cotton fabric, floral cotton fabric, penguin cotton fabric, and much more.  

Cotton lawna fantastic choice if you want to design clothing for warm months. This plain weave cotton textile is very sheer and opaque with a smooth look. It's the high thread count yarns in this fabric that result in a silky and untextured feel. 

Cotton Sateendesigned from mercerized cotton fibers and woven in a sateen weave. Typically, multiple threads moving in the same direction are dominant on either surface. As such, the fabric features a lustrous, smooth feel and glossy sheen. Also, they are water repellent and thus mildew resistant, and take dyes evenly and firmly.

Cotton Solids - These are are one-colored fabrics that deliver a plain impression, unlike the effect of a checkered or striped fabric. Their plain appearance makes them highly versatile; thus, they are ideal for various applications from the formal to queer. 

Dimple Dot MinkyDesigned from pure microfiber or polyester, this fabric is very warm yet lightweight. Its super soft feel makes it ideal for babies fabrics; however, anyone can use it. The Minky dot has raised dot patterns with a somewhat short pile. This adorable, silky soft, and cuddly Minky Dot Fabric offers irresistible softness.

Flannela medium-weight soft cotton fabric featuring a fuzzy or napped finish on both or one side. The finish is either a result of a loosely spun weave or from brushing. Flannel is cozy, comfortable, and warm, making it perfect for winter – make those beautiful winter sheets. 

Linen Linen is a hard-wearing fabric natural fiber derived from flax plant fiber with predominant use for homeware application. Linen is much similar to cotton; so, the fabrics may be somewhat similar—that is why all our linen fabrics are a brand of 55% Linen and 45% Cotton. 

Luxe Cuddle MinkyThese fabrics feature a bunny-soft surface alongside a highly functional plush higher pile. Sew it into anything without fear – it is irresistible and thus will work well with quilts and apparel, home decor, baby products, etc. Keep in mind it has a heavier weight, less stretch, stability, and durability – that makes cuddle fabric a superior Minky fabric.

Quilt batting/waddingis an insulation layer between fabrics. Thus, it is primarily used in sewing and quilting projects. If you seek the best Quilting Batting for your next project, Broadway Fabric offers different versions of these products – all made from 100% cotton. 

RayonBeyond being super soft, Rayon has better absorbing qualities than cotton and a pleasingly rich appearance. This semi-artificial fabric is a blend of cotton, wood pulp, and other natural or synthetic fibers initially called artificial silk. With its thin fibers, Rayon is highly breathable and lightweight. Any garment made of Rayon will not stick on the body in hot climates. Considering its characteristics (comfortable and cooling), Rayon is ideal for sportswear and summer dresses.

Organic Cotton - This type of cotton is obtained from organically grown cotton, and its processing follows a strict environment to ensure no harmful chemicals are used. Ideally, this cotton has no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and herbicide for at least 3 years. 

Knitdesigned from a single yarn interloped (knitted) continuously to produce a braid-like look. These fabrics offer a decent level of stretch and comfortability. Find these knit fabrics at Broadway fabrics in different weights, textures, prints, and patterns for your creations.

Organic Knit - These range of fabrics are designed from organic cotton, and they offers a natural 2-way stretch, which is an admirable feature among quilters and sewists who want to make playful designs on cozy apparel. The perfectly laid-back look and feel make our knit fabrics great choices for casual lounge pants, dresses and tops for adults, and baby bibs and hats.

Canvas - These fabric is know to be durable, sturdy, and heavy dutySince it is a blend of cotton and other synthetic fibers like polyester, our canvas fabric is water resistant or waterproof. That makes it a great outdoor fabric.

The Uniqueness of Our Fabrics

Our focus is to offer quality fabrics to you at affordable prices. By visiting our online shelves, you cut on hassles as we fully meet your fabrics demands thanks to the extensive range of fabrics we stock.

Shop by color, color patterns, fabric prints or manufacturers. Our top manufacturers include Paintbrush Studio, Rifle Paper Co., Art Gallery Fabrics, Dear Stella and Moda fabrics, among others.  We work hard to ensure that our passion for authentic modern and contemporary designs reach you in pristine state.

Browse our selections by category, price, manufacturer, fabric type or print.