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Sewing Supplies & essential sewing tools for a sewing project 

 Sewing supplies refer to the basic sewing tools needed for a sewing project. Sewing supplies are the sewing kit holding all the necessary sewing tools like needles, screwdriver, pins, tapes, etc.

To perform the sewing task with perfection and make it easy to work, all we need is the correct sewing supplies as per the sewing projects. For a professional-looking sewing project, the use of the right set of tools is essential. Tools help measures fabric, draft patterns with speed and accuracy, ease in doing the repetitive tasks.  

Sewing task is easy and effective only if we have prepared the necessary sewing tools and accessories for the sewing project. Sewing requires skills, effort, and using the right tool. 

Broadway Fabrics is an online platform that incorporates sewing supplies and notions and simplifies the buying process for a sewing project. You can find a range of sewing tools of high quality that are useful for stitching and sewing tasks. The sewing tools can help to create a perfect sewing project and helps to achieve sewing goals on time. 

List of some basic Sewing Supplies used for a sewing project

Here is the list of some sewing tools available to give a finished look to your project.

Clover White Seam Ripper 

Ripper is a tool used to remove unwanted stitches without ripping the fabric. It can easily cut unwanted threads and buttonholes. This tool provides a neat and finished look to a fabric project.

Wool pressing mat

The wool pressing mat is thick wool all the way. Both sides are the same use any of the sides to press fabric symmetrically. Mat absorbs seams, stitches effectively on pressing both sides once. The wool texture stops the fabric from distorting while pressing.

Omni grid wooden ruler rack 

With the help of a ruler, you can measure hem with a firm, straight ruler that can connect points of straight seams. Omni grid wooden ruler prevents slipping from the surface and prevents scratching. It helps to mark the edge of the fabric with accuracy. Sewist keeps the ruler a handy tool for measurements and ideas.

Fusible Fleece Loft

Fusible fleece is a good choice for the softness of the fabric. Fusible fleece has the property that makes the fabric look softer and can be helpful to make pillows, bags, soft toys. It eliminates the hardness in the fabric.

 Wide cotton twill tape 

The wide cotton twill tape for biding edges,firm ties for closing garments, and much more. The wide cotton tape has numerous uses in sewing task projects. Broadway Fabric has a collection of sewing supplies of different lengths and sizes at feasible prices.

 Lori Holt Buttons 

Lori's holt buttons are cutie little buttons available in vibrant colors. The holt buttons go well with the sewing, quilting, and crafting of the project. They are available in different sizes and colors.

 Dritz cone thread holder 

Dritz cone thread holder holds the spool of thread and with the sewing machines. This tool has a firm metal base with a thread guide and spindle. The thread holder makes it easy to unwind the thread easily while sewing and prevents threads to get tangled.

Our Top Manufactures

Broadway Fabrics allows you to buy online sewing kits, threads, sewing supplies, notions, and fabric collections of high quality at feasible prices. A one-stop shop where you can get all things you want to accomplish the sewing projects. Explore the quality of sewing tools like threads, buttons, gripper, cone thread, tapes, and more. 


Broadway fabrics offer a range of sewing accessories and fabric collections at reasonable prices. They offer the option for online orders and fast shipping for the products.

  Browse online the sewing products and fabrics collection bestowed by the top manufacturers at nominal prices.

 Broadway Fabrics online store offers proficient collection of sewing tools and accessories. Seize the deal!

Buy trendy Grasslands Fabric to make your sewing project perfect

New from Sarah Watson for Cloud 9 Organic, Grasslands collection fabric is Inspired by the tiny little grasses that cover the plains, to the wild animals nearby. If you get this fabric, you will be on vacation when you can’t. You will enjoy the prosperous earth tones, natural organic shapes, flora, and fauna. Go wild with this Grassland fabric!

Gold wild animals’ fabric

Gold wild animal fabric is manufactured by Cloud 9 Fabrics. It is a Grasslands collection designed by Sarah Watson. It is 100% cotton fabric having Wild Things in gold print that makes it more beautiful.

Gray wild animals’ organic fabric

If you are looking for something in Gray then you can go for this Grasslands Fabric collection. It is a 100% Organic cotton fabric having Wild Things in Gray print, 44-45" wide. The fabric is manufactured by Cloud 9 Fabrics. Gray wild animals’ organic fabric is designed by Sarah Watson. 

Pink animal print fabric

Designed by Sarah Watson, Pink animal print fabric is manufactured by Cloud 9 Fabrics. It is 100% organic cotton having Spotties in pink print from the Grasslands collection. You can get this fabric easily online at Broadway Fabric online store.

Green animal print fabric

The green animal print fabric is manufactured by Cloud 9 Fabrics. It is a Grasslands collection designed by Sarah Watson. It is 100% cotton fabric 44-45" wide having Spotties in green print that makes it more stunning. 

Little Grasses fabric

If you want something close to nature then you can get this Little Grasses fabric from the Grasslands collection. Designed by Sarah Watson, it is a 100% organic cotton fabric having Little Grasses print on it. It is manufactured by Cloud 9 Fabrics and is available online 44-45" wide at Broadway Fabrics.

Blue Speckles animal print fabric

Another Cloud 9 Fabrics manufactured fabric is Blue Speckles animal print fabric. It is Grasslands collection with 100% organic cotton material that makes your sewing project amazing. Blue Speckles animal print fabric is 44-45" wide having Speckles print available online at Broadway Fabric store.

Shop Grassland Fabrics online 

With plenty of options available in the market, it can be daunting to find the right fabric for your sewing project. We make it easy for you to get started on your new project so that you can save time for sewing and designing. Broadway Fabric is an online store that has hand-picked unique fabrics with our eye for attractive prints and patterns. You can shop fabrics online with us.

You can even get Pre-cut fabric bundles, scrap packs, and coordinated quilt kits with us. Shop Grasslands online now at a reasonable price to show off your creativeness.