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Garden of Eden

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Garden of Eden Fabric is a multitude of colored stitches designed with a stylized Tree of Life pattern presenting exotic birds, fruit, flowers, and leaves. The fabric design is from the early 18th-century English bed curtain.

Garden of Eden' fabric by C.F.A.Voysey features a calm landscape of plants & animals from the English countryside. This fine-looking design is authentically reproduced from the original design by Charles Voysey. He is a famous English architect and textile designer.

About the theme- Garden of Eden'

The Garden of Eden or Garden of God is also known by the name Terrestrial Paradise. It is a biblical paradise described in Genesis 2-3 and Ezekiel 28 and 31. It represents the place as paradise. 

The name Eden is derived from the Akkadian edinnu, from a Sumerian word Edin meaning "plain" or "steppe", wisely linked to an Aramaic root word meaning "fruitful, well-watered". It is also believed that the name is also linked to the Hebrew word pleasure. In simple words, it is defined as Lord God had planted a paradise of pleasure. 

Jungle Forest fabric

Jungle Forest fabric is a Bountiful Forest organic cotton. It is manufactured by Cloud 6 Fabrics. It is sold in increments of 1/4 yard. You can choose it by yardage by entering a quantity of quarter yards from the drop-down menu.

Mustard green jungle leaves rainforest fabric

Mustard green jungle leaves rainforest fabric is another bountiful forest organic cotton. Cloud 6 Fabrics is the manufacturer of this cotton fabric. It is also sold in increments of 1/4 yard. It is easy to buy this Garden of Eden fabric. You just have to visit the broadway Fabric website online and add the product to the cart after selecting the quantity.                

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You can easily order Garden of Eden Fabric online. All you have to do is visit our Broadway Fabric online store, and you will see the category option in the left corner of the website. Go through the categories, and you will see an option for shop by manufacturer. After that, you will see the manufacturer name Cloud 9 Fabrics go through the list, you will find Garden of Eden. Open it, and you will see options for the fabric. Choose one that you find best fits your sewing project.

Open the product and add the quantity. The fabrics sold in increments of 1/4 yard. Choose yardage by entering a quantity of quarter yards from the drop-down menu. You can add it to the cart to buy it or add it to the wishlist buying it later. 

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