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Flannel -  A Soft, Medium-Weight Fabric With Fuzzy Finish 

Select a suitable flannel fabric from our wide arrange of fabrics. Shop goat flannel fabric, mustard flannel fabric, buffalo plaid flannel fabric, fox print flannel, Halloween print flannel fabric, brown plaid flannel fabric, flannel baby quilt panels, and much more at affordable rates.

Flannel is a medium-weight soft cotton fabric featuring a fuzzy or napped finish on both or one side. The finish is either a result of a loosely spun weave or from brushing. Flannel is cozy, comfortable, and warm, making it perfect for winter – make those beautiful winter sheets.

Any flannel quilts can create adorable gifts for a wide range of uses including welcoming a new born baby and quilts for other occasions. If you are expecting a newborn, browse through our loaded flannel aisle at our fabric store to shop this extra-soft cotton version for your baby blankets. Use them to create pretty, velvety surfaces.

Choose from different weave patterns, including gingham, plaid, and tartan. Our soft flannel fabrics are designed from 100% cotton. Use it to create long-sleeve flannel button-down shirts. It'll look Fabulous on you if you wear it with pair of jeans. Similarly, make a flannel dress, top, fall and winter apparel, camping clothing, sleepwear, and home décor accents.

 Make You Home Attractive Buy Cotton Flannel Fabric

 Decorating your house can be a challenging task; several things need to be taken care of, such as the color combinations, different decoration pieces, ornaments, and even choosing the theme of the rooms. While decorating and making your house attractive, you also want to stay within budget. These things make it quite difficult for someone to decorate their house as you need to shop for different materials, décor and fabrics to enhance the beauty of your home.

 Here Broadway Fabrics comes as a savior; this is one of the biggest platforms with thousands of fabrics that can be used to decorate your home. They have myriad prints, patterns and colors so that every person can find their desired fabric that can go with their theme. You can use these fabrics in plenty of different ways to add color to your home and make it more attractive. Hence, mentioned below are some of the amazing and creative ways you can furnish your home and some of the best fabrics that you can find on this website.

 What is Cotton Flannel Fabric:

 There are several kinds of fabrics available on their website, but one of the best fabrics is cotton flannel fabric. So what is flannel? Flannel fabric is a soft and medium weight cotton fabric that is fuzzy and fluff from one or both sides. On the website, you can find 100 cotton flannel fabric made with the finest quality of material, and it is also long-lasting.

 This soft and smooth-napped finished fabric is perfect for winters to keep you all warm and comfortable. It is the best fabric to feel cozy and protect yourself from the cold winters.

 Using Flannel Fabric to Decorate the Home:

 There are several creative ideas through which you can use this soft and plushy fabric to make different things for your home. Following are some of the ways through which you can decorate your home with this cotton flannel fabric.

 Making Quilt:

 Since this is a soft and warm fabric, this is perfect to be used as a quilt. This flannel quilt can be very pricy and expensive if you go to the market. Other than that, they are also not very durable, so rather than purchasing those quilts from the market, you can easily make them at your home.

 Get this flannel material by the yard, and then make the blankets and quilts from these cute and colorful fabrics.

 Hanging Art Walls:

 If you are looking for something to decorate your walls, you can make some DIY hanging art walls. All you'll need is the flannel fabric because they will add colors and texture to the room. You can use a wooden frame and wrap this fabric around it to get some cute and adorable hanging art walls.

 Bedsheets and Pillows:

 One of the best and effective ways to enhance the room and add color is changing the bedsheets and the pillow covers. You can also use the flannel fabric as bedsheets and pillow covers. Not only will they add color and light to your room, but this fabric is extremely soft, and you will feel amazing when you sleep on it.

 Best Cotton Flannel Fabrics:

 Following are some of the best quality flannel fabrics and prints, and patterns you can get in this fabric.

 Pink Blush Plaid Flannel Fabric - Art Gallery Fabrics:

 If you are trying to look for something cute yet simple, then the Pink Blush Plaid Flannel Fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics can be the best option. It is 100 cotton flannel fabric that is double brushed, which will be extra soft and smooth.

 This is an ideal fabric for the cold weather when you want to feel cozy and warm. Because of the high-quality material used in this fabric, you can make quilts, dresses and other accessories. Hence, one of the best products presents in the flannel fabric collection.

 Gray Plaid Flannel Fabric - Buffalo Plaid Flannel Fabric:

 For some people, this might be plain and boring, but this elegant and classy plaid flannel fabric can be used to decorate your home. It will add color to your room, but most minimally, it won't overdo it yet; it will make the room look classy and nice.

 This black and gray plaid flannel can be perfect as a bedsheet and pillow cover. It won't make the room look dark because of the contrast between the gray and black color, and it will uplift the interior of the room in the perfect way. It is not only good for bedsheets, but you can also make jumpers, sweaters and other dresses from this fabric.

 Nutmeg Plaid Flannel Fabric - Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel:

 Nutmeg plaid flannel fabric is another product available on the Broadway fabrics website. This beautiful and elegant product is the perfect combination of neutral colors and some hint of pinks. This 100 cotton flannel fabric is also made with the best quality material.

 It is an adorable item that can be used as hanging art walls to add color and light to your room. It can be used for several other things, such as bedsheets and other accessories, to furnish and uplift the home.


 Decorating your home is not easy; different things need to be done to make it look pretty and attractive. Here Broadway fabrics give you a helping hand from where you can get different fabrics and use them to decorate and enrich your home with colors.

 Check out the amazing range of flannel fabrics at today