Animals Fabric Panels

Animals Fabric Panels

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Animal fabric panel for quilting & decorations

The fabric panel is used to craft quilts or decorations purposes. They have repeated patterns in blocks or specific shapes it becomes easy to use in sewing projects. They are made of cotton or premium cotton fabric. Fabric panels are available in different designs and prints, for example, animal fabric panel, floral, alphabet fabric panels, or customized characters.

Fabric panels can be used for making quilts, purposes, bags, clothes, home decorative, textile, table linen, DIY projects. You can use your creativity and play with the fabric to create something out of the box.Broadway fabrics are an online store where you can explore the exclusive collection of sewing accessories, fabrics, animal fabric panel, notions, and supplies. If you start your sewing project, shopping for fabrics and accessories at Broadway Fabrics is a better preference.

Ideas for using animal fabric panels in a sewing project

There are many ideas we explore when we start a sewing project. But we often get confused about which fabric or fabric panel can look good with a sewing project. Fabric panels are specific collections, for example, animal fabric panel, alphabet fabric panels, floral, and more.

 Fabric panel project idea you can use in your sewing project.

  1. Making cheater Quilt: Animal fabric panels are used to make quilts without any additional cut cutting. The fabric panel prints are symmetrical and are easy to design quilts of different sizes.  
  2. Designing cushion covers:  With the help of a fabric panel, you can cut them into block sizes or specific dimensions and make cushion covers or pillows and decorate them with creativity. Home decor items can be easier to craft. 
  3. Sewing bags and design: You can even design bags with fabric panels of different prints like animal fabric, floral, etc. You can create different sizes of bags as per your requirement. All you need to cut in that dimensions, sewing it accordingly, and decorate it with creativity.
  4.    Dress Design: Kids designer apparel can be made by clubbing more than two fabric panels and sewing the project. Kids designer dresses with your creativity. 
  5. Wall Hangings: Fabric panels can be used to create wall hangings for decoration purposes. All you need to cut the block size of the fabric panel, decorate it with the sewing accessories and give a unique border. You are ready with hall hangings. 

Types of fabric panels prints we offer

Fabric panels are the designs that are used for craft and creative sewing projects. We hold a variety of fabric panel collections of different prints made of cotton and premium cotton stuff. Shop the online range of fabric panel prints comprising animal fabric panels, floral fabric panels, and much more at reasonable prices.

View some of our fabric panel designs showcased by our manufacturer. 

Llama cactus panel fabric 

The fabric has a cactus plant with a tagline “ Born to be wild “ and “ watch me grow” with a wolf picture embossed on cotton fabric. The design inspired by miles of sand and mountains deep in the southwest we enter in the whimsical world of Pacha. These amazing designs by Art Gallery Fabrics can bring ideas to be creative for your projects.

Christmas Animal Panel Fabrics 

Create something creative and magical holiday craft with our collection of cotton fabric panel prints. The collection belongs to Merriment, and the manufacturer is Moda Fabrics. Each panel has four blocks of different animals like Owl, bear, dear, fox.

Animal Alphabet Fabric Panels 

Animal ABC panel is one of the exclusive fun fabric collections by Riley Blake Designs. Hungry Animal alphabet fabric panel is the perfect option to make baby accessories, kids blankets, quilts, and more! The designer of this fabric panel is J. Wrecker Frisch, who has brought such a cute collection at Broadway fabrics at feasible prices.

Our Top Manufactures

Broadway Fabrics is an online store comprised of fabric collections, designer fabric panels, sewing accessories notions, and much more. The top manufacturers have embossed their fabric collection here at feasible pricing.

The manufacturer showcased animal fabric panel collection at Broadway Fabrics, are Art Gallery Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs, Moda Fabrics, and more. Get all things required to accomplish your sewing or fabric project. Shop online and add the fabric of your choice into your shopping cart at Broadway Fabrics at the best prices.

Animal Fabric Panels - Best Option for Animal Lovers

If animal pictures and drawings fascinate you, these might be the right fabric panels for your projects. Broadways Fabrics animal fabric panels collection is vast. You can choose a merriment fabric line, a simple animal print cotton fabric, to the zoo fabric line or woodland animal fabric. Order these fabrics, e.g., buffalo plaid cotton fabric by the yard, llama print fabric by the yard, jungle animal fabric by the yard, etc.

The animal fabric panels are cut from the bolt when you order. Order a piece today to make adorable children's quilts. We guarantee top-notch quality, and any modern DIYer or sewing enthusiast will appreciate our yarn-dyed cotton fabric. Choose by color, texture, and patterns.