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Easter Fabric collection for Spring Sewing 

Happy springs to everyone! During spring, everyone is involved in Easter decorations and fabric patterns selection. Broadway Fabrics offers a magnificent collection of  Easter fabrics, prints, materials that are key to sewing projects. Explore several springs and Easter fabrics that draw inspiration from the sights and weather conditions of the season. 

Spring is the time of renewal and gets started all over again. It’s the time for the designers, quitters, and tailors to create something creative from the collection for Easter decorations and making the seasons even more special. 

Broadway Fabrics is an online platform where you can find a range of collections for fabrics, sewing materials, quilting patterns, prints, and sewing accessories from top manufacturers. 

You can explore some great Easter designs available in the fabrics by the yard. There are a variety of spring fabrics, prints at reasonable prices. Make your season special with Easter decorations and season fabric selections.  

Explore some Easter fabric collection for spring sewing

Easter decorations and celebrations require a selection of fabrics, prints patterns, and trims to create something beautiful for the spring festival. 

We have gathered some Easter Fabric prints and patterns collection that can go well for the celebrations.

Peach Bunny Floral Fabrics 

This print is inspired by folkloric, and it has colorful blooms, curious rabbits, dancing June bugs, celebrating the flora and fauna that come out when they celebrate sun shining.

Peach Bunny Floral Fabrics is a cotton fabric designed by AFG Studio and collection of Meriwether, print of cottontail playful and manufactured by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Shop online from our exclusive spring collections, place the order and get your orders delivered with 2-3 business days.

White Easter Floral Fabric  

Get some preparation done for the upcoming spring festival. Explore the collection of soothing floral prints, patterns, texture and color combinations of fabric for creating something out of the box.

White Easter Floral Fabric is a beautiful floral print blended with colors and placed beautifully on the cotton fabric. This fabric is a collection by Natalia Juan Abelló and a collection of Easter Egg Hunt and manufactured by Riley Blake Designs. 

Easter Fabric Powder 

Prepare for the upcoming season and gather the soothing collection of floral prints, bunnies, and much more spring prints on soft quilting cotton. Explore a range of soothing colors and patterns for your festive sewing projects.

Easter fabric powder is a print of a combination of soothing colors with floral and bunnies embraced on it beautifully.

This fabric pattern is designed by Natalia Juan Abelló, a collection of Easter egg hunts and manufactured by Riley Blake Designs. Grab the collection! 

Pink Easter Carrot Fabric 

Easter festival is on the way! Prepare for the celebrations of the spring season and find some Easter designs like Pink Easter Carrot, Easter eggs, bunnies, and spring floral cotton fabrics for your sewing projects.

The fabric print with a selection of 4 different colors, small carrots print, and colors are scattered to give a funky look.This fabric is made of cotton fabric and is the collection of Easter egg hunt, designed by Natàlia Juan Abelló print is carrots in powered and manufactured by Riley Blake Designs.

You can get this print at reasonable prices and get a diverse collection of fabric prints and patterns. 

Orchard Blossom Spring Cotton Fabrics 

The blossom fabrics consist of a blend of 4 colors, beautiful floral space that is soothing. Explore many floral and themed prints and high quality fabric here.

Orchard Blossom spring is the collection by Sweet as Honey made of cotton and manufactured by Art Gallery Fabrics. The quilters and tailors can put some creative ideas and create soothing and comforting.

Cocooning Cotton Fabric 

To celebrate the magic of the season and find floral, feathers, and mild textures that create a peaceful space and soothes you. This fabric has 3 – 4 colors infused and symmetrical patterns.  

Cocooning Cotton Fabric is the collection from Homebody, designed by Maureen Cracknell, Print Pattern: Cocooning and material cotton manufactured by ART Gallery Fabrics. The print is available in sizes of 44-45” wide.

Top Manufacturers

Broadway Fabrics is an online shop that comprises a collection of holiday fabrics, spring fabrics, Easter fabrics collection, and sewing accessories from top manufacturers.

If you are a manufacturer of fabric and sewing accessories, you can feature your product here. Check out some of our manufacturers who have showcased their beautiful collection of fabrics are Art Gallery Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs, and more. Get the designer collection of Easter fabric, spring fabric, and winter fabric collection.

Shop the quality of fabrics with beautiful prints color combinations by the designers, high-quality fabrics material, dye, prints and accessories, and more. Buy some latest and high-quality fabric collection at Broadway Fabrics at the best prices.

Spring and Easter Sewing – We’ve Got the Right Fabrics for You

It’s spring, and we know you’ve started creating those incredible Easter decorations.  We can help you select quality Easter/spring fabrics and prints.

Broadway Fabrics, a well-stocked online shop, deals with high-quality easter material for your sewing projects. Whether it is Easter egg print fabric, Easter fabric panels, or a simple Easter egg fabric, we’ve got you covered for your Easter fabric projects.

What do we really offer?

  • Sewing materials and accessories
  • Exceptional fabrics, quilting patterns, and prints

Explore our great Easter designs available as fabrics by the yard, each at affordable rates. Shop the decorations, prints, patterns, and trims to design a beautiful item for the spring festivals.

Enjoy Your Easter with Broadway Easter Collection

Easter is the time when everyone is trying to find new ways to decorate and celebrate the Easter holidays. In this holiday season, everyone is looking for options and selecting different patterns and designs so that they can celebrate easter. Other than that, many designers and clothes manufacturers like to launch clothing lines dedicated to the eastern theme. Here our brand comes into action. We are offering different designs and prints, especially for easter. From this, you can choose easter patterns so that you can make your new clothes, and you can also furnish your home using these fabrics.

Qualities of Our Easter Collection:

There are plenty of other brands and companies producing and manufacturing different collections, but our brand stands out the most because of the following few things.

  1. Quality of the Fabric:

This quality is the first and most important thing when looking in a collection. The quality of the fabric must be topmost, and that's exactly what we are offering. Our brand has 100% pure quality fabrics, they are durable, and the prints and colors are also long-lasting. Moreover, you won't find any blemishes or stains in our fabric. So a perfect blend of durability and perfection.

  1. The Size of the Fabric:

Since during easter days, everyone is looking for multi-use fabric and can be used to make dresses and even for home décor. Therefore, it is necessary that the fabric has the proper size and is long enough for the person to make various things for this purpose. The size and the measurement of our easter collection are big enough that you can make various different things from it, such as curtains, duvets, dresses, and other home decoration products.

  1. Proper Theme:

Thinking of Easter, everyone thinks of happy, fun, and cute prints and designs, and that is what we are giving to you guys. We have a proper theme and a proper easter collection. All the prints and designs are fun and lively, perfect for celebrating Easter. The vibrant and bold colors express the spring season perfectly, and the cute rabbits and other small prints are an ideal representation of the easter season.

  1. The Shrinking of the Fabric:

Another thing that defines the good quality of a fabric is the shrinking percentage. After the first wash, if the fabric becomes small and shrinks half of its size, then it shows that the quality is poor. But our easter collection has the finest quality of fabric. The material used to make these is 100% cotton, and it is necessary that before making anything off if you wash it with water to check if it shrinks or not. But it is ensured that our fabric won't shrink and your measurement won't get all wrong.

Furthermore, many other things come in quality, such as the stretching of the material, weight of the fabric, and a few other things. But our fabrics are one of the best fabrics that you can find, and you won't be disappointed with the quality and prints we are offering.

Best Fabric from the Easter Collection:

There are many different prints and designs that you can find for the Easter season. Following are the best fabrics our brand offers from the easter fabric. A few of them are given below.

Easter Fabric Mint Collection by Riley Blake Designs:

One of our easter collection's cutest and fun prints is the Easter Fabric Mint Collection by Riley Blake Designs. A perfect one with multicolored bunnies, flowers, easter, and many other small and adorable prints. It is perfect for making your easter more special. The light-colored background with the pop of different colors and the prints is amazing to add a lot of brightness to the festive season.

As this is made with 100% cotton, this will serve as an excellent easter fabric to make dresses and can even be an amazing gift. You can even use this adorable fabric to make cute home décor. So add brightness to your home with this Easter Fabric Mint Collection by Riley Blake Designs.

Mint Easter Carrot Fabric by Riley Blake Designs:

Another sweet and lively print is the Mint Easter Carrot Fabric by Riley Blake Designs. This fabric also has a light mint-colored background with lots of small and adorable orange carrots. It can be perfect for home décor to add a slight bit of cuteness to your home; furthermore, this can act as a great curtain because of the delicate prints.

Since this is also made with 100% cotton and the quality of the fabric is amazing, the floral and carrot prints can also be great if you want to make quilts or covers out of these fabrics. The quality is amazing of this fabric, and even the colors of the fabric remain intact for a very long time. Even if you wash it again and again, the fabric won't get damaged.

Pink Easter Carrot Fabric by Nursery Fabric:

Like the Mint Easter Carrot Fabric, we have another option known as Pink Easter Carrot Fabric by Nursery Fabric. It also contains bunnies, floral prints, and cute carrots. The Pink Easter fabric can also be used to make different things such as blankets, bedsheets, curtains, and other things.

But because of the cute and bold colors, this can be perfectly used to make hanging artworks. You can cut this fabric into different shapes and make various things out of it to make cute DIY home decoration products.

There are some other Easter fabrics that you can use to make your Easter holidays more fun and exciting, and full of color.

Why You Should Buy Our Easter Collection:

Are you thinking about buying some fun and cute prints for the Easter holidays? Then you can visit our main page to get cute prints. Our fabric is one of the finest qualities, and we are providing various colors, prints, and designs so that you can make your easter more vibrant and bolder.

Check out our entire collection online at Easter Fabric â”‚ Broadway Fabric now!