Quilt Batting

Quilt Batting

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Shop Quality Quilt batting

Quilt batting, also called wadding, is an insulation layer between fabrics. Thus, it is primarily used in sewing and quilting projects. If you seek the best Quilting Batting for your next project, Broadway Fabric offers different versions of these products – all made from 100% cotton.

Your quilt making can only hold ground if you use the right quilt batting. They fill the quilts making them warmer and heavier. We term our batting the best because they are available in different lofts.

Batting is are also important in making two-faced fabrics. A thin batting is typically sandwiched between two fabrics layers - cotton, polyester, Rayon, Linen, Flannel, etc. In other terms, double-faced fabrics can be called “pre-quilted” material. While these type of fabrics are not common in quilting projects, they are handy when you want to sew something warm, e.g., warm jacket. Besides, they are great at making simple blankets, pillows, and projects requiring padding.

Select a loft depending on the finished look you want. A low loft is ideal for flat appearing projects such as wall hangings. However, for fluffier finishes, select a high loft batting.

Typically, our batting is in white and off-white colors. Since they are pure cotton, the batting is ideal for warm weather. Their breathability reduces heat buildup.

Shop online Warm & Natural, Warm & White, and Warm & Plush Quilt Batting, all 45 inches wide!