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We Love Themed Fabric At Broadway Fabrics

Broadway fabric offers the latest and attention-drawing themed fabrics for various occasions. These fabrics are ideal for children and adults and can be used for a wide range of sewing projects. For instance, if you have a baby, the woodland-themed nursery fabric might help you decorate your baby's nursery. If you land the details of woodlands, the forest-themed fabric might be the right option for you.

Other examples you might consider are a woodland theme, hiking-themed quilt fabrics, camper theme fabric, etc. We have a lot of them. Browse through our comprehensive Theme Fabrics at our online store.


Theme is the best way to make a statement. You need not talk; just wear fabric with a particular theme, and the people around you will get the message. At Broadway fabrics, we know that buyers have different tastes and aspire to pass different statements. That's why we have a whole range of fabrics with different themes.

What Themes and Patterns Do We Stock?

We have a lot to offer:

Florals – find the best floral fabrics at Broadway fabric in different colors. These selections of fabrics are ideal for home décor, fashion and quilting. Our top flora examples include the colorful Romance Novel Paperback floral fabric and the gorgeous Reading Book Floral fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Animals – do you like a jungle, marine or domestic animals? Shop a wide variety of fabrics featuring prints of different individual animals or a mix of animals. You can choose birds and feathers, chicken, dogs, cats, dogs, amphibians, reptiles or sea life creature fabrics. Your kids will definitely love this Orange Alpaca kids cotton fabric.

Building and cities fabric -  if you want to design a lovely Tee, dress or home décor accents with a city fabric, we've got your back. Find city fabrics in grey, white, pink, orange, etc.

Stripes and plaid: shop quality plain stipes fabric or plaid fabrics for your project. These fabrics are a great option if you want to introduce patterns to your quilt and sewing projects. Apart from curtains, upholstery, and accessories, they work well for apparel. Shop classic stripes, pinstripe, multi-stripe, etc.

School/Kids Fabric – the range of our kid's fabric is just unique. Every kid will be excited with this colorful, attention-grabbing, but educative kids fabric. You can shop anything from the alphabet to number to lots of intriguing stuff.

Food Fabric: if you are holding a food festival, your day's costume must reflect the different food types. Broadway fabric stocks quality fabrics with prints of fruits, deserts and various main dishes. These fabrics are ideal for making kitchen aprons, tablecloths and lining, kitchen curtains, etc.

Moon/Stars Fabric: you can bring the entire galaxy into your home – for decoration, patchwork or clothing. I'm sure your kids will love it. Shop these quality fabrics today. 

 Books – want to encourage someone to read books? Shop our quality reading books fabric. You can choose between the reading books passport fabric and the vintage book pages fabric for your next sewing project.

Order floral, animal, woodland, beach, fruit, camping,  and arrow prints at affordable prices. All these fabrics are 100% cotton, and they come in different colors. Use these fabrics to accomplish projects that show mindfulness, taste, and creativity.

Shop Broadway Fabric products, shop quality at affordable prices! Shop today!

What's your favorite theme? Buy Broadway Fabrics theme fabric at affordable rates. We stock quality, trendy themed fabrics.  Follow the links below to get to your favorite themes.

Shop Broadway Fabric products, shop quality at affordable prices! Shop today!