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What has the Cutting Tools Section of Broadway Fabrics Stored for you?

To make your patterns and fit samples, you will need cutting tools but keep in mind that your paper scissors and fabric shears are not the same! You can make certain sarong-style skirts and tie tops; otherwise, all stitching requires cutting. And one of the most crucial aspects of sewing is cutting paper designs, fabric, and thread before and during sewing. You will need the correct tools for a job well done. So, Broadway Fabrics has the most special cutting tools you should be shopping for your clothing fabrication at reasonable prices.

Best Sewing Cutting Tools & Sewing Scissors at Broadway Fabrics

“Are not all scissors the same?” you may be thinking. Is not it the same work for all of them? They all have a certain appeal, but appearances can be deceiving! Sewing cutting tools come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to stitch quickly and efficiently.

The following are the most common sewing cutting tools available for purchase at Broadway Fabrics store at discounted prices in the Cutting Tool section.

Small embroidery scissors

  • The scissors are composed of entirely high-quality stainless steel and are forged in one piece for superb toughness and long-lasting sharpness. The scissors are 4.7/3.5 inches long and weigh 35/22 grammes. They are incredibly light and convenient to keep.
  • The scissors have a fine texture after six polishing treatments. The titanium plating technique has been used to treat the surface, which will not fade even after extended use.
  • The scissors have a compact tip that can easily cut delicate threads, making them ideal for embroidery, needlework, sewing, DIY crafts, thread cutting, and paper cutting, among other things.
  • The scissors' handle holes are smooth and comfortable to hold, with no burrs to irritate the hand. They deliver a pleasant cutting sensation and successfully conserve your strength while reducing working time.
  • When working on projects, the unusual retro design and excellent cutting sound will put you and your friends in a good mood. They're a terrific addition to your personal collection and make excellent gifts.


Vintage gold sewing embroidery scissors, size 4.25"

  • The sewing embroidery scissors are approximately 4.5 x 2.2 inches in size. Vintage Gold Sewing Embroidery Scissors, Stork Scissors, 4.5 x 1.9 inches, and the size of the scissors cover is approx. 2.4 x 0.9 inches, all of which are appropriate sizes for your diverse sewing needs.
  • Broadway Fabrics embroidery scissors are composed of stainless steel and are simple to use and store. Scissors are handcrafted, installed, polished, and may leave marks.
  • There is a small amount of oil on the tip to keep the scissors in good condition. Please keep the scissors out of reach of newborns and small children in case of a sharp injury.
  • The scissors protective covers can well cover your scissors to store safely to protect scissors' fine tips from dust, stain, and other foreign materials while not in use, and can provide you with a lot of conveniences.
  • Sewing scissors can be used for a variety of tasks such as embroidery, sewing, and crafting, and are a meaningful gift for friends, family, or close neighbours who enjoy DIY crafts.
  • Two sets of stainless steel scissors and two pairs of leather scissors covers are included in the box.


Purple Ruler Gripper - The Original Gypsy Quilter Gripper for rulers

  • The Purple Ruler Gripper resembles the grippers seen in public restrooms. Its easy-to-use design makes it simple to operate, and this model stays firmly on the ruler.
  • The Gypsy Gripper has a suction cup on each end and a comfy, ergonomic handle. The gripper is easily attached and removed thanks to hand lock and release mechanisms on both ends.The gripper evenly distributes pressure on the ruler, making fabric cutting easier.
  • If you are cutting fabric with a rotary cutter, this gripper will keep your hand up and out of harm's way.
  • The Gypsy Gripper is unique in that it does not require a "death grip" to operate. If you have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, holding a ruler firmly in place might be difficult. 
  • You can just grasp the handle while cutting with the rotary tool because of the gripper’s design and suction force. There's no need to be concerned about the ruler slipping or experiencing pain.


Pink/ Purple/ Navy Olfa Splash 45mm fabric rotary cutter

  • The pink/ purple/ navy Olfa Splash 45mm fabric rotary cutter was created while keeping the comfort aspect in mind. 
  • The razor-sharp blades can cut through up to six layers of fabric or paper at the same time. 
  • It is suitable for various projects, such as sewing, dressmaking, quilting, scrapbooking, crafting, paper crafts, and upcycling, and most importantly purchase it at a huge discount.
  • A dual safety feature is included with each rotary cutter.
  • Its rotating steel blade is 45mm in diameter.
  • It provides a comfortable grip, and both left and right-handed users will be able to use it comfortably.
  • The manufacturers put a lot of effort into the dual safety feature when building this fabric cutter, and they wanted to make sure that the blade would only engage when the user was pressing down on the trigger handle.
  • A small safety button on our rotary cutter keeps the handle in place and prevents the blade from engaging while not in use. A slanted grip gives users maximum comfort when using this rotating wheel. 
  • This ergonomic design makes it easier to use than typical straight handle cutters for typical hand diseases like arthritis or carpal tunnel. 
  • Pink Power's five-pack of 45mm rotary replacement blades is a great option if you need new blades.


Pink/ Lime Green rotary cutter storage travel case

  • High-density EVA and 1680D Material, premium hard EVA deliver toughness and long-lasting performance in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • It is designed specifically for the OLFA RTY-3/G rotary cutter with a 60mm straight Handle available at Broadway Fabrics at affordable prices.
  • The handgrip of the cutter is comfortable for easy portability. 
  • It comes with a mesh pocket for various small items.
  • The double zipper is smooth but robust, making it easy to open and close, offering you a better user experience.


6" Perfect sewing scissors by Karen Kay Buckley

  • Karen Kay Buckley created the “Perfect Scissors” for all of your appliqué and trimming needs, and shop them from Broadway Fabrics at discounted prices.
  • The handles are larger and more comfortable to hold, and they can be used right or left-handed. 
  • When you use these micro-serrated scissors, the cloth is pulled into the blades rather than pushed away like regular scissors. 
  • The blades are made to cut all the way to the tip of the blade. 
  • There is also a protective plastic cover provided.
  • Serrated blades on these scissors keep the fabric from slipping, allowing for more precise cutting.
  • The Scissors can cut through 4-6 layers Of cotton fabric and have comfortable soft handles to help prevent frayed edges.


Instruction: It is critical to look after your new sewing scissors, whether you are purchasing your first pair or replacing your sewing kit's instruments. The most important thing to know is that sewing scissors should only be used on fabric. Cleaning your scissors with a soft cloth on a regular basis, as well as sharpening them once in a while, will maintain them in tip-top shape. 


Without wasting another moment, shop for the high-quality fabric cutting tools at a reasonable price from Broadway Fabrics US store!