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Make Stitch Happen, Put On Our Customised Sewing Shirts

T-shirts with printed quotes are a great way of expressing how you feel about certain things. If sewing and quilting is your superpower and you desire t-shirts showcasing the same, you have landed on the right page. Broadway Fabrics is delighted to present you with the super-soft, and cute collection of sewing shirts. Because there should be a stylish t-shirt for every sewing story!

Why Quilter And Seamster Sayings On T-Shirts?

The real question is “Why Not?” If you have made up your mind about getting sewing shirts with quotes, nothing must stop you.

Well, honestly it’s normal to have alternative thoughts like “Am I going to look over the top?” or “Will I be unnecessarily advertising?” But here’s the thing. It’s your style, your sewing project, and your rules. There’s no place for ifs and buts in sewing and crafting. If you want to wear a shirt with quilting and sewing sayings, that’s a good enough reason to get one.

We, at Broadway Fabrics, are dedicated to providing you with the best fabrics and sewing supplies. But we are certainly not limited to just those. T-shirts like these may be an essential part of sewing for some of you, while a great source of motivation and self-expression for others.

You desire and we strive to fulfill! We understand your passion for sewing and Broadway’s sewing shirts are a way to encourage the same. From fun quilting phrases to motivational sewing quotes, our customized T-shirts are handcrafted to be as individual as you.

Cool Tees For People Who Quilt And Sew

A sewing event, seamstress party, or the launch of your sweet business, whatever is your reason to get graphic tees featuring sewing & quilting quotes, we have got you covered. Let’s get you some custom t-shirts.

Now, it’s time to take you through our cute range of sewing and quilting tees. P.S. – Our sewing shirts are available in all major sizes ranging from S to 2XL. The details about the styles and shades, you will find below. Here’s what you can expect from our collection of sewing shirts. Hop in!

I love Running to the Fabric Store short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Slate

Let’s see, what’s a fun way to introduce your sewing passion around friends who are obsessed with fitness and running? The “I love running to the fabric store” tee could be a cool way to do that. The best part about quotes printed on apparel is that they are funny, humorous, and sarcastic. Make sewing fun with this dusty blue t-shirt.

I'd Rather Be Sewing short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Sunset

Want to escape random get-togethers and outings and do your favorite sewing? We have got the perfect tees for you. Featuring this bang-on quote on a pastel coral tee, make these your go-to sewing shirts.

Sewing Notions Love short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Orchid

For your love of sewing, here’s a love illustration t-shirt for you! Featuring sewing elements shaped in the word “love”, on a mauve background, this t-shirt will look better when it’s on you.

Love Sewing short sleeve tee, Bella Canvas Sage

Fascinated by those cursive quotes? We have got one saying “love sewing” just for you. Pastel green tees, cute cursive quotes, and put on by you – that’s a gorgeous combination!

Want a blue shade for the same print? We have got you covered! Just look for - Love sewing short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Dusty Blue.

Small Shop Boss shirt - Boss Lady cool grey Bella Canvas short sleeve

Love your cute, little business? Flaunt it with this cute “small shop boss” quote t-shirt. Tees that make you smile!

I'd Rather Be Quilting short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Sunset

Gross dates? Naa, you’d rather be quilting! Featuring this bang-on quote on a bright, coral fabric, this t-shirt deserves a place in your sewing wardrobe. Grab it before it goes out of stock.

Love Quilting short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Dusty Blue

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend? Pieces scraps and patches into quilts? We have got a perfect t-shirt for your quilting passion in pastel green shade.

Want a cool tone alternative? No worries, just look for - Love Quilting short sleeve tee, Bella Canvas Sage.

Pieced Together Sewing Quilting short sleeve tee Bella Canvas Stone

Isn’t it awesome watching the pieces of fabric joined together to form a statement outfit? We have got a t-shirt that showcases that exact emotion. Grab this grey tee featuring a “pieced together” quote.

And that was the collection guys! Showcase your pride and passion with these stylish, customized sewing shirts. Broadway Fabrics offers all US shipping for a flat $4. Place your online order now!

In Essence

Self-expression knows no bounds! Some choose to do it through body arts like tattoos, while others do it through their apparel. If you are fascinated by the idea of shirts featuring quotes that mean something to you, don’t think twice before getting them.

Through the collection of Sewing shirts, Broadway Fabrics aims at satisfying your fun sewing desires to the fullest. Put them on, be yourself, rock creating.

Happy sewing!