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Send a Message With a Words Fabric

Many fabric sellers offer fabrics with words, numbers, text, and letters on them. Broadway Fabric is not an ordinary seller because we only sell unique designs that appeal to all sewists and quilters. Browse our selection of text and word fabric to find a suitable fabric for your project.

Text fabrics can say anything – for instance; We are Here, I love you, Where are you? Such fabrics add interest to any project. Still, if you want to send out a message in a polite way, shop the text, number, words, or letter fabrics. These versatile 100% cotton fabrics are ideal for creating dresses, skirts, shirts, quilts, bags, and of course, home décor accents.

For your baby, do not hesitate to check out our vast collection of Alphabet Fabrics Panels. Use them to decorate your baby courts or make dolls and other baby gifts.

Shop online at broadways fabrics at affordable rates.